Privacy Policy

Anyone using FAGORE softwares / apps or games is deemed to have accepted the following rules.

FAGORE will never sell, rent, and in any way use its customers' personal information to third parties. The recorded data is stored in the registration system and can only be used in communication, security and announcement studies.

These transactions;
• Using contact information for order delivery,
• Providing information flow to relevant interests against any fraud and malicious activities,
• To send correspondence, printed publications, press bulletins, notifications about our products with promotional and informative content.
• Providing information about products and services that may be relevant to you,
• Supply and Demand analysis and market research,

To have more information about statistical information and website analysis, general consumer demand and requests without disclosing the Person IDs,
When you become a Member of our Site, you agree to the use of your personal information for these purposes.
Only the personnel at see your personal information (other than your password). works very sensitive to privacy principles, but does not guarantee that other sites redirected through links on our site will comply with privacy policies and are never responsible for a security breach situation.
Therefore, we recommend you to evaluate the privacy and security approaches of the sites you are directed to.

If you want to be exempt from the above-mentioned services and applications, please contact customer service by e-mail or by phone.

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Fagore - PlayStore / AppStore Applications Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

These Terms of Use contain the terms of use between the website and applications (hereinafter referred to as Fagore) and all private and legal persons and institutions (hereinafter referred to as USER).

USERS state that they are over the age of 18 by using the services offered in Fagore Application / Games (by paying a certain fee or free of charge) or by accessing the site or application in any way, or that they have the legal consent of their parents or a person who is obliged to take care of themselves; They undertake that they have read all of these Terms of Use and fully understand their content and accept all their articles unconditionally. These USERS are deemed to have accepted any changes made by FAGORE to the provisions of this Site Terms of Use.

Each USER of the system must have a SINGLE account. When more than one account usage is detected, Fagore has the right to stop serving or apply sanctions within the scope of the service provided.

The company or the person who advertises is responsible for the content of the advertisements displayed on the system in the advertising areas or on the Fagore website. Fagore cannot be held responsible for the false information given in the advertisements, or if the users are harmed by the content of the advertised site or for any other reason. The company or the person who advertises is responsible for the content of the advertisement and the advertised site. website and Fagore application / games content is produced for information and entertainment purposes.

It is recommended that people under the age of 13 do not use the site and Fagore applications and games. USERS under the age of 13 can consult their parents about which sites and apps they can use.

All content available on the site and Fagore applications and games are subject to the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, and all kinds of audio, video, text, documents and all kinds of intellectual and industrial rights, and all copyrights and other intellectual and industrial property rights. It belongs to Fagore. The structure and content of this site and its applications / games, all kinds of visual materials used on the site are protected under the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works and the Turkish Criminal Code.

No article on site, fagore applications and games; It cannot be modified, copied, reproduced, translated into another language, republished, uploaded to another computer, mailed, transmitted, presented or distributed, whole or part of it, without prior consent and without reference, including code and software. it cannot be used without permission on a website or application.

In order to become a USER in Fagore, it is mandatory to download the game / application and fill in the required information completely and clearly when entering information into the user information form. USERS unconditionally undertake the accuracy of the information transmitted by this form.

Fagore respects the personal rights and privacy rights of all USERS. Except for the reasons written in the articles and the request of the judicial authorities, it accepts and undertakes that it will not give personal information to any institution or organization for any reason.


Fagore accepts no responsibility for the consequences that may arise if the USER information is received by malicious people as a result of attacks on the database and if they are used maliciously.


Copyright and work rights will not be violated in any use and software. All copyright and human rights responsibilities that may arise due to the content added by the users belong to the users. For this reason, recourse to Fagore is absolutely impossible. Fagore and the USER are legally completely independent parties. There is no business partnership and / or employee / employer relationship between these two independent parties.


While commenting on applications and games, it can not be written as an attack on personal identities that are absolutely illegal and do not comply with the general moral principle. According to the law, if Fagore inputs are used as a criminal action tool, if a request occurs from the legal authorities, information about the users will be provided where necessary.


The USER will constitute a crime and require legal monitoring via interactive areas on the site or application / game; post any illegal, threatening, offensive, insulting, abusive, humiliating, vulgar, pornographic, offensive or immoral information that creates or promotes a situation that would contradict local and national laws or international treaties. can not transmit either.


The USER is responsible for the content published on the Fagore site and its application and shared with all the provisions contained in the Turkish Penal Code No. 5237 dated 26/9/2004 and within the framework of the provisions listed below:


Suicidal Orientation: It is a crime and unacceptable to commit someone to commit suicide, to encourage it, to strengthen someone else's suicide decision.

Sexual Abuse of Children: Any sexual behavior against children who have not completed or have completed the age of fifteen, but whose ability to perceive the legal meaning and consequences of the act has not developed; Sexual behavior against other children based only on algebra, threat, cheating or any other reason affecting willpower is a crime and is unacceptable.

Facilitating the Use of Drugs or Stimulants: It is a crime and unacceptable to inform others about the methods of use, which provide special place, equipment or materials to facilitate the use of drugs or stimulants.

Supply of Hazardous Substances for Health: It is a crime and unacceptable to give substances that may pose a health hazard to children, mentally ill people or volatile substance users.

Obscenity: Publishing or sharing sexually explicit images, text or words, content is a crime and is unacceptable.

Prostitution: It is a crime and unacceptable to encourage a child, a person to prostitution, to facilitate the way of this, to mediate.

Providing Space and Opportunity for Gambling: It is a crime and unacceptable to provide space and opportunity for children and people to gamble.

Crimes Committed Against Atatürk: It is a crime and unacceptable to publicly insult or swear at Atatürk's memory.

The responsibility of the friendships and relationships established over Fagore belongs to the USER. Fagore recommends all visitors to pay maximum attention and not to share personal information.

Fagore is not responsible for what USER writes in interactive areas within the site; Nor does it have to share the views written here. Fagore has the right to remove the content added by the Users from the site and the application without declaring any reason.


Fagore reserves the right to delete USER accounts within the application / game or site without reason, blocking access and closing. It reserves the right to re-open access to the Users whose access is denied.


USERS may not post or transmit any information, software or materials on the Fagore site and application for commercial purposes or containing advertising. It cannot make any requests or advertisements such as buying or selling any product from other USERS. The bank cannot provide account information, mobile phone number or email address.


The USER does not obtain any information, software or other material that violates someone else's privacy or publishing rights, is protected by copyright, trademark rights or other property rights, or that is adapted from the materials described in this class, without the consent of the owner or the person holding the rights. cannot post or forward.


Fagore is not responsible for any damages that may arise due to the unauthorized reading of USER data without Fagore's negligence (such as the USER sharing his information with other people, not logging out when leaving the site, forgotten or stolen the phone on which the application is open).


Fagore is not responsible for the behavior of any USER. Under no circumstances will the use, content, content of the site and application be lost, damage, harm, death, etc. due to the communication and interaction between the users, whether they are online or offline. even if it is not responsible.


Comments are responsible for the comments made on the website and games / applications. In the writings, it is strictly forbidden to humiliate human values ​​and make any propaganda against the law and the state.


In the website and its application, the USER making the comment is responsible for the comments made to the interactive and open to comments sections. In the writings, it is strictly forbidden to humiliate human values ​​and make any propaganda against the law and the state. When Fagor; these comments have the right to delete, remove and notify law enforcement when necessary.


Fagore has the right and authority to refuse to provide service by returning the comment credits or comment fee they used to request comments to the users they want without declaring any reason.

Fagore can turn its services that do not require membership into a situation that requires membership over time, open additional services, change their services partially or completely, terminate them for an indefinite period of time, and make them paid.


Fagore may collect information such as device, location and network usage data by making it anonymous with the anonymous usage information on the application or website in order to improve the service quality without violating the privacy of the USERS. Fagore may use this anonymous information in statistical and performance evaluations, annual reports and similar reports, marketing campaigns of Fagore and its business partners, and the marketing of mobile operators' data services, and may store, process and transmit them to the business partners. Our use of this information will be subject to the Privacy Policy of this agreement. Please read the Privacy Policy carefully.


Fagore has the right and authority to cancel the membership of the users it wants, to change the form of the service it offers and / or to cancel it without declaring any reason.

Membership information of the users who have been canceled by Fagore or whose membership has been canceled in accordance with the terms of the contract will be kept by Fagore.

Fagore has the right to change or amend the Terms of Use unilaterally.

Terms of Use of "Write to Us" / "Your Complaints and Suggestions"

1. The relevant section is designed as a section where the USER can get help for the problems encountered in Fagore, suggestions and ideas can be conveyed to Fagore and cannot be used by the USER beyond its intended purpose.

2. Each written statement sent to this section is kept under our records along with its IP addresses.

3. This section should be used by the USER with courtesy and respect.

4. Fagore reserves its rights against USER behaviors such as hate speech, threat, unwarranted accusation, insult, humiliation, defamation campaign that are outside the framework of courtesy, respect and ethical rules sent to this section.

5. Fagore is not obliged to answer every message received in this section.

6. Fagore administrators have the right to impose sanctions for the sending USER who decides that written submissions to this section do not comply with the above rules.

7. With this text, the USER is deemed to have accepted the Terms of Use "Write to Us" / "Your Complaints and Suggestions" section.


Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes what information USERS are collected, how to use it, and what options USERS have.


Information collected:

When you install Fagore games or apps on your mobile device, we collect the information listed below:

Device information (model and device number), operator information, network information (Wi-fi and mobile), various performance parameters related to network quality (eg signal level, link speed), device all app usage information.

This information is not personal information and can never be personalized.

Personal information such as name, date of birth, gender, relationship status you enter while using Fagore applications and games are also recorded.


How we use the information collected

By creating anonymous information clustered from this collected information, we use it to understand internet connection experience and network quality in certain time, device usage related to data usage and in certain network situations, and to market the application services described in mobile operators' data services and usage conditions accordingly.


We use your personal information that you have entered while using Fagore applications and games in the preparation of the services provided by Fagore application.


How we use clustered information

We may use anonymous, statistical or clustered information to improve your internet connection experience, for commercial, statistical purposes, and to improve the quality of the service by creating new services and features. This anonymous, statistical or clustered information can be used with business partners or 3rd parties that have users. This information does not contain the personal information of the Users.

Personal data belonging to Fagore USERS may be processed and stored in the required scope and time for the purposes specified in the Fagore Application and Game Terms of Use, provided that the USER permits the use of their personal information, in accordance with the principles of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698.


Opting out

You can give up whenever you want to share your personal data. If you give up, it will be enough to send an e-mail to contact address and submit your request. In this case, the information required for the services provided by Fagore applications and games (Name, Surname, e-mail, gender, date of birth) will be completely deleted from our system along with your application account.


Who will have access to personal information

Any personally identifiable information will not be sold, rented or shared to any company, organization, or individuals outside the company. This information can be accessed by Fagore and Fagore's business partners only to deliver the above-mentioned services to you.


Data Retention

The information received from your device is kept anonymously on secure cloud servers. This information may be reviewed, stored and disclosed to the competent authorities, in accordance with the demands of the legislative and executive organs and authorities, or court / prosecution decisions.


Changes to the Privacy Policy

The privacy policy may change. All changes will be updated on this privacy policy page and the modified date will be at the top of the page. So you can be sure that this page is up to date.


Advertising Mobile Identifiers

These mobile identifiers are used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement, or to customize advertising across our Services and make it more relevant to you and to allow us to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and track whether ads have been properly displayed. You have the option to change your choices relating to mobile identifiers utilized to deliver behaviorally targeted advertising at the following tools Ad Choices ( or Your Online Choices.



Advertising Cookies

These cookies are used to limit the number of times visitors see an ad, or to customize the ads and make them more relevant to visitors. It also allows us to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and to determine whether ads are displayed properly. You can change your preferences for cookies used to display behaviorally targeted ads on the following pages: Digital Advertising Alliance or Your Online Choices


To send your comments and questions about the Privacy Policy:


Last updated: March 31, 2020